The Smyle Nation Affiliate Program functions by partnering with individuals or organizations who promote Smyle Nation’s clear aligners and other products through their platform, such as websites, social media channels, or blogs.

Here’s how it typically works

  • SIGN UP: Interested individuals or organizations apply to join the Smyle Nation Affiliate Program through an online application form.


  • APPROVAL: Smyle Nation reviews the application and approves qualified affiliates based on various criteria such as audience reach, relevance, and promotional methods.


  • UNIQUE TRACKING LINKS: Upon approval, affiliates receive unique tracking links or codes that they can incorporate into their content.


  • PROMOTION: Affiliates promote Smyle Nation’s clear aligners and other products through their platforms using these tracking links or codes. This promotion can include writing reviews, creating sponsored content, sharing on social media, or recommending products to their audience.


  • COMMISSION: Affiliates earn a commission for each successful referral or sale made through their unique tracking links or codes. The commission structure may vary, and it’s typically a set cost per item sold.


  • TRACKING AND ANALYTICS: Smyle Nation tracks the performance of affiliate links and provide affiliates with access to analytics and reporting tools to monitor their earnings and performance.


  • PAYOUTS: Affiliates receive payouts for their earnings based on the program’s payment schedule, which is explained in our Affiliate Agreement.


  • SUPPORT AND RESOURCES: Smyle Nation may offer support, resources, and promotional materials to help affiliates maximize their efforts and driver more conversions.

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