The Y is for YOU, our patient.

Our patients are always the main focus of our care, and our. Our goal is to over-deliver on our commitment to providing every patient with the best possible experience — making teeth straightening at home seamless. Furthermore, our aligners can also serve as teeth night guards, offering protection against teeth grinding and potential damage.

Smyle Nation is….

  • Doctor Led
  • FDA registered and cleared
  • Fast results (in as little as six months)
  • Smyle for Lyfe, Guaranteed!

Whether you need teeth night guards or want to achieve a straighter smile, you can count on Smyle Nation! Contact us today to learn more about how our products help with teeth straightening at home!

How does Smyle Nation Clear aligners work?

At- Home Teeth Impression Kit
We ship the At Home Impression Kit to your doorstep. The kit includes Easy to Follow instructions and even free return shipping
Doctor Prescribed Clear Retainers
Our team of dentists and orthodontics carefully create a customized treatment plan for your impressions. After approval of the clear retainer treatment plan, your Smyle Nation Aligners are shipped directly to you
Track your Journey
Smyle Nation Mobile App will allow you to track your progression and set friendly reminders. From Mobile App you can order additional products like whitening kits, powered toothbrushes, and cases to store and protect your aligners

Get a straighter, whiter smile in as little as 4 months